Project Description

Use brochures to sell your products

Whatever your business deals or which product sells printed brochures show your effort, confidentiality and an affordable way to increase your sales. Even today, when all digitized printed brochures are one of the most effective ways to attract customers. New and existing clients will always spend more time scrolling through a printed brochure than the time they spend on online brochures. Research has shown that the press occupies people much more than smartphones or computers.

Cost-effective marketing that actually works

Whether you advertise products, services, start a new business, or simply just inform people about what you are doing, printed brochures are a proven way to promote your services and company properly

Printed brochures – anytime, anywhere, anywhere

One of the many advantages of using printing brochures as a marketing tool in the sales or business is that your brochure can be found anywhere. Can be exhibited in stores or business premises, at fairs, conferences and various other events. You can share them with potential or new customers or send them with other material via mail in a direct marketing campaign. You can also advertise your brochure on your site or on social network profiles, or you can share your brochure with daily newspapers, magazines or some kind of publication of that type. There are certainly many ways to transfer your message through a printed brochure. Maybe it’s very popular for that very reason.

Type of brochure

Depending on the number of pages and purposes, the brochure can be:

Lime brochure

With a laminated link, each page is sorted before it is finally glued. This way to connect pages is ideal for brochures that have between 40 and 700 pages. This method provides the perfect connection for brochures and magazines, such as bookbinding.

Stamped brochure

Stamped brochure is extremely popular with brochures and catalogs that have between 8 and 64 pages. As the sides are hefty and folded, this allows the design and image to stretch across the entire side of the page.

Brochure with spiral

Pages are merged and drilled on the side where the rotations are provided and the pages are connected by a spiral wire. These catalogs can have between 2 and 180 pages of double-sided printing, which makes up to 360 pages of printed material. Linked directories are flipping perfectly straight and it makes them great for presentation or when you need to show and explain the individual products or services you offer.

All kinds of sizes

Brochures can be in all sizes from A6 to A3 format but also in special formats as needed. They can also scroll through a longer or shorter page, but they can also have a square shape.


Whichever dimension or bonding method you choose, we guarantee top quality prints regardless of whether you opt for digital printing on the Xerox DocuColor 250 printer or for offset printing on the Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 offset machine. About the benefits and the type of printing of these two you are most likely to read in one of the previous posts on the following link.