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About us

The Pargament Printing House was founded on January 8, 1996 in Niš and from the very beginning we have grown with you, our clients. Our goal was simple, we wanted to build a successful and strong business. Quite early in the business, we realized that in order to fulfill our ambitions, we must offer high quality printing while ensuring the best price. The way we achieve this is by investing in the latest equipment as well as through careful staff selection and team commitment. That is why in 2008 Pargament shop grew into Pargament Print d.o.o and we cooperate with leading companies in different business markets. After two decades in the printing services, now we are a company that deals with both small digital projects and large offset printing. Our people and equipment guarantee that all projects are handled in the most efficient way possible. Our vast experience in work and a large number of completed jobs has given us a good voice that everything we do will find satisfied clients. They are proof that we have just grown into a modern printing company, recognizable in the printing services market. That is why we look forward to what is coming, because we are confident that we can meet any challenge, no matter how big it is.

A tireless commitment to the quality, value and speed of the print solution, adapting to the requirements of both the domestic and foreign markets, working in a transparent, standardized, professional and timely manner.

Create a unique way of doing business, by world standards, focused on customers, producing value and originate a new climate for printing in Serbia

Since founding in 1996. we at Pergament Print have been guided by values and principles that have not changed through growth and development for decades:

  • Tradition - Developing along the way from a small family business to one of the leading companies in this area
  • Quality - which the company provides to its customers and staff on a daily basis
  • Trust - which clients have shared with us for many years.
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Your business is too important to rely on beginners design and printing. Whether you are looking to promote a product or promote a service, we can help you design a look that will reach your audience and convey your message in the best way possible.
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