Design and prepress



When preparing for printing, it’s necessary to integrate all the graphic elements as a whole, to align them with the color profiles of the printing company and to prepare a special file for the output device.

Print preparation includes:

  • image processing and photo scanning
  • word processing, data entry and text correction
  • creating graphic elements that accompany these processes - boards, charts, diagrams, drawings
  • assembling all the elements into one

CTP (Computer-To-Plates)

Pergament print illuminates and develops plates in CTP technology and provides services for the assembly, lighting and preparation of printing plates.

We own the HEIDELBERG CREO Trendsetter 3230 AL thermal CTP device.

  • Resolution: 1200 - 2400 dpi
  • Liner: 100 - 200 lpi
  • Maximum plate size: 730 x 650 mm

Graphic design 

Today, graphic design is the perfect blend of visual and verbal elements. In order to get a good final product, it is necessary to bring together a quality team of experts from different fields - illustrators, photographers and graphic designers, whose task is to design the product to its perfection.

Creating a visual identity:

  • design of company sign and logo
  • creating applications on business communication items such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards, folders, invitations, blocks, bags, pens etc.

Design of promotional items:

  • catalog design, brochure, flyer etc.
  • design of various external propaganda means such as posters, billboards, boards, flags;
  • design of promotional material such as calendar, newsletter, pvc products etc.