Paper was invented 100 BC in China

The first paper production was recorded during the reign of the Han dynasty (between 25-220 AD), later in the 8th century China passed on knowledge in this area to Islamic countries, during 11th century to Europe. And the paper we use today was first made in the 19th century.

Mexico had a printing press before Russia and America

Mexico began printing operations in 1534 almost 100 years before America (1639). The first American printing press appeared at Cambridge University when Josef Glover was brought from England.

All parts that were changeable including letters, punctuation, and spacing, all made by hand

It's hard to imagine that in the past, printers themselves have created fonts and characters. Even today, the most famous font is a font created by the French printer Claude Garamonde. Fonts created in this way are often named after their creators.

The oldest mechanically printed book

The first mechanically printed book was the Gutenbergs Bible, which was printed in Mainz, Germany, around 1455. However, there is also the claim that a print press was first made in China 6-7 centuries ago.

It even took two years to print one book

It's a Shakespeare compilation of 36 plays. The book, entitled "The First Folio," contained nearly 400 pages. The process was very long and corrections were made during the process.

The smallest book in the world

It is a Japanese flower book, "Shiki no Kusabana" with pages only 0.75 mm long. Only 0.01mm wide letters were made with the same technology used by experts in making counterfeit notes. You can only read it with a magnifying glass.

The first laser printer

It was made in 1969 by Gary Starkweather at Xerox, while the first commercial laser printer was made by IBM in 1976